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Dining by Storms: Chapter 2 – Goodbyes and Farewells

Chapter 2 – Goodbyes and Farewells “Who is it?” Maryam asked as she slowly opened the front door to slow the cold breeze from blasting into their small apartment. Her eyes widened as she noticed the navy collars of the police officers by her door. There was one too many, though she quickly kept her […]


Ne sen varsın ne ben yareni Önünde satır satır sev diye sevda aleni Yazılmış yegane yapraklı kainat kalemi Rengarenk ritmikle raks eden rahmet alemi Bir buz duvar eğitmişler, bencil bozgun bahanesi Beşikte damla damla yaşınla gördün ihaneti Elinden tut kutlu sevgi emaneti Yoksun yaşlı gezer olmuş adaleti


Home, A flowing river or it’s sifting sands Upon the tattered thorns or blooming buds Over a bees bounty or a hyenas howl Once upon and now forgone? Home, An atom now split Or like galaxies tethered to tender touch Under wilting withered winters Or saintly spruce springs Eternal and everlasting? Home, Beyond the sights […]

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