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Passing a Creak on a Snowy Evening

On a snowy evening, passing a wooded creak A figure on its surface glides unbound and meek Rubber squeaks aside, the moon shines sleek But past these woods lies a peak and its owner to seek ____ Though, all is still, silent, and asleep I know he sees as each foot falls deep Into the…

Once Upon an Autumn

Once upon an Autumn in Paris, I dream as ever always there is. Of autumns whispering brisk airs, Upon newer spring’s divine heirs. —— Your hair gently blows like the leaves, Orange and brown amongst the breeze. As I catch a glimpse of your smile, Slipping through your hands, but staying for awhile. —— And…

Independence Hall

Walking down independence hall To the beginning of it all Past each hand of might And eyes full of spite —— Where once lay a small town upon a hill And all the thoughts in her world a thrill Memories of the sun so bright All dazed and forgetful of the night —— To the…

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