Passing a Creak on a Snowy Evening

On a snowy evening, passing a wooded creak

A figure on its surface glides unbound and meek

Rubber squeaks aside, the moon shines sleek

But past these woods lies a peak and its owner to seek


Though, all is still, silent, and asleep

I know he sees as each foot falls deep

Into the snow, flakes drop by near and neat into the heep

And the sound’s sonder starts a seep


Some worried some weak, as snow falls in town

Yet he is no where to be found

Past the dowry down all around

As evening gowns flood and some drown


I tell myself I’ve known all along what’s behind the teak

Past the waters of fortunes that ferried fury now bleak

But never will I be, for I’ve got promises to keep

I’ve got promises to keep

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