Nights that Be

On nights that be like any other

Carrying scents swiftly and sweet on the setting suns of summer

As wandering winds blow buds by May

As dreams rise from yet another day


And the solitude sky signs in symmetry

Revel it’s marble tapestry

And the tapping of the twigs 

Turning tune to two by two swings


Your sight sinks to think on the trancing thick

And all its twists and turns and trick

But around neither near nor far is found a bound

Just as the boundless found to you turns around


Holding you in those nights safe and sound

Around and abound the buds play proud

Two hearts hefty haste halves and hollows hopeful

Away from the days dawning from doubtful


Into a string of the road sound and safe

And the wait you carry becomes soothing, a solace embrace

Whether you walk off or turn around

Dreams are now and true and found

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