Sleepless Nights

Will we ever be for love.

Once past our dreaming eyes we were away in its hum.

Our fane with it’s heavenly breeze now out of sights.

I lay to many sleepless nights.


And It’s pain.

Like a broken piano gasping in vain.

Of a lullaby missed on every stroke.

Teardrops pang and bang and broke.


Though a faint hope.

Echos through the reeds to cope.

For though knowing it’s not perfect.

A chilled calm beyond its silent stilts call to all neglect.


And their many restless souls tosses and turns.

Churns and burns.

Sounds dwindle to a wither and a weep.

Singeing from sleep.


To-night to sleepless night…

Song by – Fabrizio Paterlini

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