The Eye is a Sea in a Realm of Meaning

The sea itself is one thing ,the foam another;

Neglect the foam, and regard the sea with your eyes.

Waves of bodies like foam rise from the sea night and day.

You look at its foam in form move to ripples and not underneath at the mighty sea.

We, like boats , are tossed hither and thither,

We are blind though we are on that bright ocean.

Ah! You who are asleep in the boat that is your body!

You see the water that moves you and all around you; behold the water of waters!

Under which you see there is another deep well moving it.

Your form is a spirit under which a timeless spirit that’s will begets it.

But O beloved, when you have accepted the master of all that is light!

When you hold what is veiled now without a veil,

Like a star you will walk upon the heavens!


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