Come Perils or Peace

Trudging to the tops of toiling towers.

Mountains have been made on the miles of my hands,

For the words made clear and intent wither and wilt as they wash away atop showers,

Of the decisions you have not yet decided and all its unmoving sands.


To the rocks ricocheted by my heart rampant and ruckus from the river bends I seek.

For you to tell of the times you fell apart off and meager and meek.

To the times you cursed the silence of the fears that fretted your free fate falling.

And lost the comfort of company to calm your colluded cloudy mind stalling.


Though the road is lonely,

I’ve brought my heart made and homely,

To share for you to find peace in the perils you seek and let seep,

Into the rivers I’ve continued to silently keep.


Its peaks shown, the days narrow down and come numbered.

Of the shores past those mountains trudged humbled.

For such arduous love, like the words they blossom to mind seeks serenity and slumber.

Though never was the road written worthless or brought asunder.


And I keep its company come never or be brought anew.

For faith that I keep is the light I seek and pursue.

On the road not written, come redemption come anew perception and from it all, all in its perspiration.

Come perils or peace, for there is only one purpose and prescription.

Song by – Fahir Atakoglu

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