Droplets of Dew

That which I held for you

Held by many on a mornings dew

Though by the suns of treason, those we reach are many few

And so now I ask for their lonely and tattered sake

Droplets of pain soak away with the rain

That of the taken by treacherous treason

For I cannot with my heart for you

Make do out of sole preview

What many have lost, for many have been left to subdue

All that was unrightly taken

And all that were brought unsightly to and forsaken

Should surely break me or else of I have already been broken

Or else I am with only selfish eyes

Not to share that sought upon dew as a prize

And leave unjustly all those cries

Like droplets of early morning dew

My heart must share the pain left for many to subdue

And task the tax still left undue

Composition by – Beethoven

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