A Dove Does Fly Forever in the Sky

In a morning, times now long past

We woke up early on promises for forever to last

And a dove did fly

A present for the sky


Now I never do ask

Of that morning now long past

For it was never for me to receive

That I can sit and grieve


Nor never to conceive 

For you to deceive

Of that dove that did fly

Part of two hearts in the sky


Please don’t ask ooh why

For darling, I too hear that sigh

Dreams are never perfect

For our lives is a test on our defect


And days turn to night

Sorrows come and go out of sight

But if it’s true

Of what they say on faith and virtue


That dove will surely land

And we will finally stand

Not on rivers of sand

But your head on my shoulder and my heart in your hand


I watch it sometimes, high in the sky

For our dove surely does fly

Her sweetness almost sweltering above 

Reminding us, our love

Song by – Fabrizio Paterlini

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