I Am Calling

I am calling to you from afar,

Calling to you since the very beginning of days,

Calling to you across millennia

For aeons of time.

Calling, calling…Since always.

It is part of your being, my voice.

But it comes to you faintly

and you only hear it sometimes.

‘I don’t know’, you may say,

but somewhere you know.

‘I can’t hear’, you say, “What is it and where?”

But somewhere you hear, and deep down,

you know.

For I am that in you,

which has always been.

I am that in you,

which will never end.

Even if you say, “Who is calling?”

Even if you think, “Who is that?”

Where will you run? just tell me.

Can you run away from yourself?

For I am the only one for you

There is no other

Your promise, your reward I am alone,

Your punishment, your longing and your goal.

Ibn Arabi

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